2 thoughts on “Walking Dead. Maggie. Yes.

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    If your an avid van of WALKING DEAD (coz I am and will forever be), here’s a funny interview of one of the leading characters in this series, Maggie, that used to be the lover of my favorite Glenn (a delivery boy who bravely survived the chaotic world of walking dead), confirmed that season 3, unfortunately is gonna be her last. If you are also a fan of WALKING DEAD, its gonna be a full bunch of twist and suspense and I’m sure you’lle be thrilled again with the newest series. I’m really looking forward to watch the complete episode of season 3 whole day. For others who weren’t able to watch yet, if you are into a high quality of suspense film, then you’ll really love WALKING DEAD. I don’t wanna spoil the plot, you go watch it yourself. 🙂

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