Jeff Glover X Daniel Hortegas – ADCC 2015

To a novice grappling/mma fan Jeff Glover might look like a guy who doesn’t know what he is doing. Some might even call him a dumbass because he tends to do weird, awkward things in his matches. To the novice he doesn’t even look like the typical high level grappler. In this clip he looks like a guy that showed up to the pool party ready to play some beer pong. But all of this is just a trick to disguise his grappling brilliance. Think of it as the dissonance part of classical music; a clash between silly and pure genius. The veteran grappling/mma fan has seen his tricks enough times to know that he is dangerous and that you should not play his game. Instead of arm fighting and setting up takedowns, Jeff will turn his back to you and give you his arms. If you fall for this you will be no different than a mouse in a mouse trap. Watch this video closely. He attacks in the funniest way possible. But once they are locked up his brilliance kicks in. He goes for really high level sweeps right into high level attacks.

With all that said, the best thing about him is that he is super entertaining to watch. I laughed watching this match and so did the audience. His style of humor mixed with technique has made a fan favorite. If you aren’t familiar with him I suggest you grab a beer and start watching all his older matches. Enjoy.

– aGIANTmonster

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