I haven’t cared about basketball for a while now. Because the Lakers are so bad that I can’t even watch them as a fan. The games aren’t even close, I waste time watching them lose. This was the first series that I watched from beginning to end that didn’t involve the Lakers. Something about watching Golden State’s record breaking year continue was very intriguing. When they went up 3-1 people tuned in to see if the Cavs would just give up or people tuned in to see Lebron cry. Neither scenario happened. (Well, Lebron cried but those were tears of happiness.) Lebron showed people he could do it without Wade, although the Cavs have Kyrie and Love… He kept his promise of bringing a title to Cleveland and he does so much for Cleveland off the court. I can’t be mad at the guy. Kyrie is my current favorite player to watch, I was excited for him and Curry to face off, but Curry was off in this series sadly, so we didn’t quite see much of that. I believe Curry and GS will be back to proper form next year. Not too many people are mentioning Bogut’s injury and his contribution to the team. I believe if he played he would have made quite a difference. He stops Lebron from driving in and he gives GS the ability to shoot without as much stress knowing that he will get a rebound. Love was getting rebounds no problem once Bogut got injured. I really enjoyed this series.Being able to watch basketball without fear of your team losing was pretty cool.

We will see what happens next year. Maybe GS and the Cavs will meet again in the finals. Maybe things change when Kevin Durant goes to another team to create another super team. If he goes to the Spurs they will be scary. Maybe the Lakers can make some good moves now that Kobe is gone. We will see…


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