Pretty big news for the battle rap world.

I’m excited to have Cassidy back in battle rap. Him vs Dizaster was a good battle but it just wasn’t a great stylistic match up. I want to see Cass go up against another street rapper. Diz’s best battles are against other freestylers or Grind Time era battlers. For me they’d didnt sync very well. I’m also glad Cass is battling on the URL. That’s the ideal place for him. RBE is getting bigger/better as an organization but for Cass coming back, I think he needs a bigger venue and bigger audience to tune in. Jayblack and Tech 9 brought up some good points. Will Cass be able to adapt to the URL audience? He needs to be a little more polished at this level of battle rap. He needs to adapt his style so that it sounds like its from this era. Sometimes his bars sound a little outdated. Regardless, him coming back is huge for the battle rap scene and I can’t wait to see who he battles.

Here’s my thoughts on who he should battle:

Goodz – Apparently they battle back in the day. They both said they’ve won… It would be cool to put all talk to rest and see who actually won.

Tay Roc – Not too many people on the URL roster are more deserving of this battle. He has been a loyal guy to the URL. He has been the most consistent and he never complains. The URL owes him a lot of gratitude. But Cass and Tay Roc have a song together, so I don’t know if they want to battle each other.

Conceited – He has called out Cass since back in the day. His style of rap is inspired by Cass. He has one of the bigger names in battle rap because of  Wild N Out.

Loaded Lux – There’s that video where Ar-Ab, Cass and some other dude are rhyming in a circle at an event. Lux makes his way to the front and starts spitting. After he is done one guy says “Lux and Cass spitting together, I’ve been waiting for this all my life.” Then Cass walks off, lol. To me that says Cass wasn’t ready for a battle against a high caliber opponent. Rather than get destroyed by Lux who may have had a few rhymes chambered for Cass, Cass just walks off. That would be a great battle.

Shotgun Suge – People have brought him up, but I don’t really like this battle. Out of all the other rappers that have a better claim to battle Cass, Suge is in the last spot for me. He’s a great battler but to me he is the last option out of everybody that’s been mentioned.

Those are my thoughts.

Peace – aGIANTmonster

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