City of Gold – Official Trailer

Whether you are a ‘foodie’ or ¬†just a regular person that reads the LA Times or La Weekly you may have come across a Jonathan Gold review at one point. He was way ahead of the ‘food blogger era’ and the ‘Im a Yelp Elite!’ person. Before Yelp existed, a person would have to read a review from a writer that was respected. Or you would hear about new restaurants from friends or acquaintances.¬†Whenever Jonathan Gold would give a great review to a restaurant that restaurant would instantly become the go to place. I would eagerly await for his ‘Jonathan Gold’s 101 Best Restaurants’ review to drop every year so that I could go try a few of the cheaper ones that he recommended.

It’s nice to finally put a face to the person that I have been following for so long. In my head I always pictured him as a tall fancy guy that always wore a suit. I was wrong. He is the opposite of that I guess? Regardless, it doesn’t matter. He has great taste in food and he is able to convey his thoughts and feelings in such a great way. Sometimes it almost feels like you can taste what he is writing about. Im very excited to see this movie.

– aGIANTmonster