“Battle of the Gods”

On July 1, 2016 these two legendary b-boys will battle in Saint Petersburg, Russia. I’m happy this is going down. They both deserve to have a major battle of this scale in today’s era. They have both put in so much time into the culture; innovating and inspiring many generations to come.

^ Crazy Legs – 50 years old – Rock Steady Crew original member  (USA/Puerto Rico)


v Storm – 45 years old – Battle Squad (Germany)


B-Boy Lil G

SMH, WTF, OMG, are all acronyms that could come to mind when you watch a Lil G set for the first time. What makes him a truly special b-boy is his musicality. Anyone that is a fan of the scene can easily mention 10 great power move b-boys. But how many of those mentioned are as well rounded as Lil G? Not many. Some of the best power b-boys have no musicality. They are too stiff with their top rocks or they don’t even have top rocks. Some of them have a very small arsenal of sets. If you watch enough of their battles you can witness them recycling routines. Lil G is not one of those b-boys. He has top rocks, his transitions are clean and his dance is always to the beat. Even his freezes are to the beat as you can see in the video above.