Money can’t buy you everything. Whether it’s Jesse James or Mr. Cartoon, when you deal with any sort of artist you have to follow their rules. You can’t expect them to make you a bike before the people that are already in line just cause you have money. You also can’t approach Jesse James with that Hollywood mentality of “I’ll just have my agent or manager inquire about purchasing a cool bike.” Established people Like James and Mr. Cartoon already have money, they want to sale their product to people that they actually like. Not to say that Sylvester Stallone is a bad guy but approaching Jesse like that was probably a bad idea. -aGIANTmonster

^ On this excerpt of Fight Companion from October 21, 2016, Joe and Yves Edwards discuss
Conor McGregor’s growth as a fighter and Khabib ┬áNurmagomedov’s dominance in the 155 division.


^ Joe heard a rumor that Nick Diaz (Nate’s older brother) might be in line to fight Conor, if he gets passed Eddie Alvarez. For those who aren’t familiar with Nick’s resume, he is a better version of his brother. Nick has fought the best fighters that the 170 lbs division has to offer. If this fight were to happen it would be a huge event, if this fight were to happen Conor would get destroyed. Nick is on another level… – aGIANTmonster

Tony Sunshine talks about growing up around Fat Joe and Big Pun. Apparently Big Pun was really skinny back in the day, he used to be a Golden Gloves boxer and a really good basketball player. Very interesting.

This is a must watch. Kendrick goes into detail about his influences and how he harnesses his creativity. To think that GQ, a mens style magazine could have set up such a great interview. Hip Hop publications need to step their game up. -aGIANTmonster

“I would have treated him like DC treats Popeyes” – Anthony Johnson

Cormier “He almost knocked Jimi (Manuwa) down early, but when Jimi got his wits about him and started really getting with him then Anthony was the one who turned into the wrestler”

Interviewer “What does Daniel have wrong Anthony?”

Johnson “Everything.”

Cormier “He’s outta his mind!”

Johnson “Look, I sent Jimi 12 hours of sleep so he could get his thoughts right.”

Johnson is a funny ass dude.