This looks really good! I’m actually excited to see this. Other than the Christopher Nolan Batman series DC movies have been quite bad. Even their trailers don’t look good. But this looks good as a trailer and it feels like it will be a good movie based on what is shown.

I don’t like how DC fans always use the excuse of “this DC movie was good because it’s just like the comics!” If I wanted to see something just like in the comics I would read the fucking comics or watch an animated movie. When I watch a superhero movie, I want to feel like the character of that movie is real, I want to feel like what is taking place on screen can really happen in everyday life. Another thing about hardcore fans is that if you don’t like a DC movie they automatically think you are a hater and a fan of Marvel. Which is not always true. Most people are fans of both DC and Marvel and just want to watch a fucking good movie. – aGIANTmonster