Ain’t nobody got time for that

This is the Vanderhall Laguna. This trike is powered by a 1.4 liter turbo Chevy Sonic motor and it sells forĀ $75,000. It is one of the better looking trikes that I’ve seen. It has a vintage feel to it while still looking futuristic at the same time. My question is why did they use that motor? It looks like it would be a really fast trike but it isn’t, because the manufacturer said it was made for “cruising”. Which is fine, but who would pay $75,000 for this kind of ride? With that price tag you could get a CRX with a K20 motor that runs 10s. Or you could get a beautiful wide body MR2 that runs 11s. If a Japanese car isn’t your style, you could build a VW Bug that runs low 9s. You could even buy a new Z06 Corvette for a few thousand more. For $66,000 you could get a Porsche 718 Cayman S. There are so many options out there depending on your taste. So why on Earth would someone want to buy this? Maybe a hardcore collector would buy it? Perhaps a super rich guy that has money to blow on spur of the moment purchases? I can’t imagine a real car/motorcycle enthusiast spending that money on this. With that said, if they put in a new motor and made this incredibly fast I think people would buy it. They would still need to lower the price a bit but I think that would entice a few more buyers.



I also think that they should change the rims for these two particular color schemes. The rims are a bit boring and they don’t match the look of the trike.

Super Original

I love Atsuki’s style of dancing, it’s playful and original. A lot of newer b-boys are content with having a style similar to the b-boys that inspired them. With Atsuki it’s kind of hard to pin point who his inspirations were. I hope he enters more battles, he deserves more recognition on an international scale.


This song was sampled for “Missy Elliott’s – Sock It 2 Me”