Gamblerz vs Jinjo

This is the difference between Found Nation, a crew that’s just scratching the surface of being elite and Jinjo Crew, a crew that has b-boy legends on it it and elite young talent.¬†This is the type of battle where one crash, one timing issue can lose the battle for your crew. I think the judges made the right decision giving it to Jinjo Crew. They didn’t crash once and they had a lot of originality. Gamblerz had a few ¬†missteps and they reused two commando routines while Jinjo used a routine that I have never seen. That might be something that hurts Gamblerz, they battle so much that they will eventually have to reuse routines and since Jinjo is in a few less battles their routines look new even though they may or may not be. Jinjo got the win, but a great battle that was very close.

Р aGIANTmonster