The Best Upcoming UFC Card

The UFC has some really good events coming up. I personally am excited for UFC 198 the most. It has a lot of legends on it. Sure they are a bit older but this event means a lot to me, I grew up watching Anderson, Vitor and Shogun.

UFC 200 had the most potentially early on. Their were rumors of a GSP return, a superfight between RDA and Lawler and maybe a Fedor return as well. But since the recent Conor issues this card has gone downhill a bit. For now UFC 100 will remain the most stacked card.

UFC 199 is good card but it is overshadowed by 198 and 200. It is a good year for MMA so far.

The dates of each event are:

UFC 198 – May 14, 2016

UFC 199 – June 4, 2016

UFC 200 – July 9, 2016