This song was sampled for “Missy Elliott’s – Sock It 2 Me”

Start video at 3:18:

In 2002 the Root Down club hosted their second “Soundclash” battle. A “Sound Clash” is a battle between two producers. Each producer unveils a new track (beat) in each round in front of the audience. The winner is determined by the crowds reaction. So seeing that these tracks have never been heard by anyone, the reaction from the audience is pretty amazing. Think about the first time you heard your favorite artist or song.

This years battle was between Will.I.AM. (Black Eyed Peas) vs Thes One (People Under the Stairs). At this point both producers were still in the early parts of their careers, Black Eyed Peas were not yet internationally famous (still no Fergie) and The People Under the Stairs were only beginning to make a splash in the underground hip hop scene.

This video is just a snippet from Will.I.Am.’s third round. he first time I heard it in I got goosebumps. When the keyboard kicks in… oh man… ENJOY!