GSP is almost at GOAT status.


Some people are already calling GSP the GOAT after his win over Bisping. Obviously that is a huge win and a very difficult fight, but let’s be honest, Bisping is the least dangerous middleweight for GSP to face. They’ve trained together in the past so GSP knew Bisping’s weaknesses which shifted the odds in his favor. There’s no way he would have accepted the fight against Whittaker or Romero. To me that takes away a little from his GOAT status. However, if GSP can beat Conor or Khabib at 155 lbs, then move to face Woodley at 170 lbs, then he would have to be crowned the GOAT. Having three different belts is tough for any person to do. Which is why it hasn’t been done yet.

GSP should beat Conor or Khabib, but those are by no means easy fights. Conor’s power presents problems for GSP, a guy who was once considered to have a chin that is on the weaker side. Khabib also presents a question of who has better wrestling? Another issue to consider is, would GSP be weakened by the weight cut? This would be his first fight at 155 lbs so this is uncharted territory for him. Should he beat either of them, Woodley would be the best match up afterwards. That fight also presents a few problems for GSP. Can he take down Woodley, a guy with great wrestling? Can he avoid Woodley’s power punches? All it takes is one punch from Woodley to end GSP’s night. With all that said, I still pick GSP to beat any of the three fighters mentioned. I’m looking forward to any of these match ups.

– aGIANTmonster



The Best Upcoming UFC Card

The UFC has some really good events coming up. I personally am excited for UFC 198 the most. It has a lot of legends on it. Sure they are a bit older but this event means a lot to me, I grew up watching Anderson, Vitor and Shogun.

UFC 200 had the most potentially early on. Their were rumors of a GSP return, a superfight between RDA and Lawler and maybe a Fedor return as well. But since the recent Conor issues this card has gone downhill a bit. For now UFC 100 will remain the most stacked card.

UFC 199 is good card but it is overshadowed by 198 and 200. It is a good year for MMA so far.

The dates of each event are:

UFC 198 – May 14, 2016

UFC 199 – June 4, 2016

UFC 200 – July 9, 2016